Blue leather handbag
Rear of blue leather hand made handbag
Close up on hand tooling detail
Blue leather handbag mark
Loch Ness Leather

Lia Handbag

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Hand-dyed unique leather handbag in blue.
This bag has a 15% discount on it as I managed to get a black fingerprint of dye on it while making it! You can see in the photos it is covered by the plait when the bag is closed.
I would like to think the finger print makes it even more unique! :o)

Made from high-quality veg tan leather, hand tooled, and hand dyed in my Highland workshop. 

What makes this bag special, is that there is no machine stitching, it is tightly hand stitched together with leather thong, and finished off with a 'magic' plait across the front.

A solid leather strap means this bag will last a lifetime and a wide gusset means there is plenty of space for the everyday essentials.

You can see one of our bags being made from scratch on our Instagram highlights.

9.5 inches wide, 4.75 inches deep.

More information on size here in my blog.
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