About Us

We are Loch Ness Leather, and we have been making and selling leather goods for over 40 years. 
Steve Hanshaw
Steve learned his craft over 40 years ago, and has been selling his beautiful leather goods from his shop in Invermoriston on the shores of Loch Ness for many of those years. Originally from Liverpool, and being one of the only Clog Makers in the country, people always prick up their ears when they hear he hasn't lost his accent!
Heather Hanshaw
Daughter of Steve (and Joan), Heather has been subconsciously learning leather craft from both parents since she was small and they moved from Liverpool to the Highland Village of Laggan roughly 35 years ago. Working as a Leathersmith part time for the past few years. Heather is now full time with Loch Ness Leather, making her own products in her own workshop in the village of Carrbridge in the Cairngorm National Park.
Current Covid News
In a normal year, you would find both of us out and about across Scotland trading at various Highland Games with our stall. 
However, due to the ongoing situation, all our events have been cancelled for this year. 
We are still able to continue to produce stock and sell on our website, if there is anything you don't see here, but you have seen it with us in the past, please do get in touch.
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