Sizing Information

Belt Sizes

Our belts come in unisex sizes according to the table below.
(For length of leather end to end please see below the chart)


Belt Sizes Waist Measurement
  Inches CM
XS 22-26 56-66
S 26-30 66-76
M 30-34 76-86
L 34-38 86-97
XL 38-42 97-107
2XL 42-46 107-117

What if my Waist Measurement fits two Belt Sizes?

If your Waist measurement fit two sizes (for example you have a 34-inch Waist and could be M or L) then you can choose either belt size - both will fit. If you choose the larger belt you will have a longer tail and shorter belts would have a shorter one. In this situation, it is worth considering if you are planning on going up or down in size! 

Alternatively, if you have a belt that currently fits you, and would like to know the length of leather from end to end, please see as follows (all in inches):-

Small - 35½ 
Medium - 41 
Large - 44½ 
X Large - 49
XX Large - 53


Hat Sizes

Our Hats come in unisex sizes according to the table below.

Hat Sizes Head Measurement
  Inches CM
S 21 1/2 54.5
M 22 1/4 56.5
L 23 58.5
XL 23 1/2 60
XXL 24 61

Measuring Head Size

To measure your head for our hats place a soft tape measure around your head, position it just above your ears and across the middle of your forehead, ensure the tape is entirely circling your head. Hold the tape firmly, but not too tight and take the measurement.

Our hats are designed to fit snugly but not too tight. Using the size guide above you can determine the best size.