How to care for your Scottish Bush Hat

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Viking leather bush hat before waxing

Our bush hats are made for Scottish weather. Meaning, they're tough and hardy, keep the sun out your eyes, and the rain off your head!

And we all know that one thing Scotland is known for is the rain. So, are our hats waterproof? Absolutely. They are fantastic in the rain, and just need a wee bit of care to make sure your hat lasts for many years to come.

When your hat does get wet, don't worry, they're made to get wet. Let it dry, naturally, don't put it on the heater or in front of the fireplace. If leather is force dried it can shrink and become brittle. By letting it dry naturally, you won't have any problems.

But what if after a while, your hat is looking a bit tired, it's taken a bit of a battering and it's just not as waterproof or as supple as you'd like. Now is the time to give your hat a bit of extra care and attention. You can do this using a suitable leather care wax or conditioner. There are plenty on the market, have a rummage in your cupboard, if you've got leather walking boots chances are the same product will work for your hat. 

Check the directions before you apply, make sure it's suitable for your hat, and test patch a discreet area before applying to the whole thing. We used nikwax on this 'Viking' leather hat. I like to use my hands to work it well into the stitching and joins. The warmth of your hands also helps to work the wax into the leather. You can see in this photo the beautiful dark colour the leather goes once it's been treated.

Once you're done, your hat will have a whole new lease of life! And your head will stay dry for many years to come.

Viking leather hat after waxing

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