Winter in the Workshop

2021 has started out chilly here in the Highlands!
I had a lovely 2 weeks off over Christmas and New Year, and things were a bit nippy when I went back out to the workshop!
Frozen cloth tub
These are the cloths I use to put finisher on my leather (a liquid that seals the beautiful bright dyes I use to my products),  I like to keep them in water as it stops them going hard, but they had completely frozen! Not quite the plan!
The other problem I get when it's a bit chilly in the workshop, is that my clicker press gets a bit sluggish. But to be fair, so do I! But my sewing machine and other bits of kit all do fine in the cold weather, I just need to make sure they're well oiled, and I have plenty of cups of tea!
One the heating is on and I'm moving around, everything warms up, and it's quite peaceful out in the garden watching the snow fall while I get making. I love popping a good podcast on and getting to work. I'm a big fan of 'Grounded' by Louis Theroux at the moment.
Heather in the snow
But even though its a bit cold, we do enjoy our winters up here. We've had some great snowy and blue sky days recently. So we've been making the most of our skis and sledges! And of course, Foss dog loves getting out to play in the snow!

Foss jumping in Snow


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