Made for Scottish Weather, the Kookaburra Bush Hat

The Scottish Bush hat

So, one question we get asked frequently, is, why Kookaburra?

Well, our Bush Hats are an Australian Style, but made for Scottish Weather!

25 years ago, Steve Hanshaw (Loch Ness Leather Senior), saw these style of hats, and knew, when made of leather, would be perfect for the incredibly variable Scottish climate. We all know the weather can change from bright sunshine to a downpour of rain in a matter of minutes here!

Our hats are made with that in mind. 5 different sizes mean you can get a good snug fit, from Small up to XXL. On a hot day, our hats provide shade, not just for your face, but for the back of your neck too. Being made of a natural material they are strong, but breathable, helped along by some carefully placed eyelets in the crown of the hat to allow airflow.

And how are they in the rain? Fantastic! All our hats are waterproof straight off the shelf, and as long as you treat them periodically with a suitable leather care product, they will continue keeping your head dry throughout the years! And of course, they just look better as they age!

The final touches include a tensile wire in the brim, which means you can reshape your hat to suit your look. And an interchangeable plaited band, finishes the whole hat off. 

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