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There are a couple of questions we get asked frequently about our belts.
I've compiled a few of them here!

What are your belts made of?
Vegetable Tanned leather. This leather is ordered from the tannery to our specifications. Either pre-dyed for the black and brown belts, or in natural for our hand dyed products. For more information on Veg tan leather, see this previous blog.

Where are your belts made? And who makes them?
All the belts you see on the website today are made by Heather in her workshop in Carrbridge. Steve makes the belts for his shop in his workshop at Loch Ness.

Are your belts made of two bits of leather?
No, all of our belts are made of one bit of strong veg tan leather. 

How long do your belts last?
We have have had customers come back to us for a second belt in addition to their previous belts which they bought 20 years ago. Our belts are made to last.

Can I change my buckle?
Yes, all of our belts are made with press studs for the buckle attachment. This means you can swap your buckle yourself easily, at any time. 

Can I choose my buckle colour?
Yes, when selecting your belt you may choose between a brass or silver coloured buckle.

My belt is quite stiff, will it soften?
Absolutely, even after just a few uses, your belt will begin to soften and will just get better with age.

What length of belt do I need?
You can find our sizing chart here.

What width do I need?
Our belts come in two widths.
1 and a half inches, suitable for jeans, 1 and a quarter inches, suitable for dress trousers.


If I've missed anything and you have any other questions, please do get in touch via our contact page!

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